What influences does Pegasus have on Greek society?

People praise and worship the Gods of their respective cultures, allowing the Gods to have their own unique influences on society. The Gods did not attain such a heavenly state because of a random event in time, but because of the beasts, creatures, and people they exert their control over. Going over to Greek mythology, one notices a myriad of Gods spanning from the almighty Zeus to Hermes, the "Messenger of Souls" from Mt. Olympus to the underworld. One such mythological creature that assists the Greek Gods and is representative of the virtues that the Gods and Greeks alike believe in is the mighty winged horse, Pegasus. Pegasus takes part in adventures with other beings, who depict the beliefs of the Greek people and what they strived to attain as their own characteristics. The motifs behind Pegasus reflect the cultural values of Greek society through their portrayals in Greek mythology.